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Thornton's Rafting Resort and Campgrounds has a 7 acre wooded field on the river. They provide a gun, safety goggles and mask, 3 pods with a belt, unlimited air, 400 paintballs, and refereed games for $44 per person ($37 if you bring your own gun). There's a minimum of 6 players – if you are too few, still call – your small group might be able to join another, or play against another small group. They offer rafting + paintball combination specials. 715-757-3311. They're north of us on Parkway Road in Athelstane.

Wildman Adventure Resort offers paintball for an average of $40 per person. Offered from May 1st-September 30th and typically at 10am and 2 pm. Events last for 2-3 hours. You are provided with a paintball gun, 400 paintballs, safety mask, and a chest protector. Off Parkway on Allison Lane, Athelstane Phone: 715-757-2938

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"Thank you for letting us stay here! All the little extra things made it easy for us, but we were not expecting it. This is a beautiful condo and it was definitely a treat for us on our scrapbooking weekend."
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