Black Bear Hall

Black Bear Hall is a new 5,400 square foot facility that is ideal for family reunions, scrapbooking events, retreats, meetings, crafters weekends, square dancing, auction events, seminars, weddings, and special events of all types. The flexible Hall includes a bar, coat room, commercial kitchen, fireplace, optional dance floor, office, bathrooms, audio system, and tables/chairs.

There is a soaring cathedral ceiling, a floor-to-ceiling flagstone gas fireplace, 9 huge bay windows spilling in tons of natural lighting (and that open for fresh air in season!), hundreds of recessed can lights - not a flourescent light within a hundred yards! There's an enormous walk-in coat room (outfited for 150+ guests).

There's a 300 nest CD player and a terrific sound system. Our dance floor is a made-to-order 30'x30' "Dance-Deck" with beautiful woodgrain and shock-absorbing commercial carpeting beneath.

The restaurant-style kitchen enables you to make group meals with ease. Two refrigerators, 2 ovens, 8 burners, a free standing freezer, commercial ice maker, blender, microwave, 2 dishwashers, servicewear (glasses, mugs, dish service, etc.) for 108! Plus of course all cookware including 2 crock pots, coffee makers etc.



"The decor in the theme rooms is awesome! So many neat items collected and displayed!"
Missy, Kris, Deanna, & Susan · read more guest comments